Smoke Alarm Installation Cardiff

B&J Electrical carry out electric smoke alarm installation in and around Cardiff. All homes should have smoke alarms fitted.

Why should your Cardiff home have smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms help to protect your family, friends and neighbours from the dangers of fire. Should a fire occur for whatever reason, the resulting smoke will trigger the alarm. The alarm alerts people in the house of the potential dangers.

The UK fire service state that you are twice as likely to die in a house without a smoke alarm versus those with.

Mains Powered Smoke Alarms Installed in Cardiff

Our electricians can advise on new installs on smoke alarms and upgrdes to your existing setup.

It is advised that smoke alarms are replaced if faulty and every ten years. The National Fire Protection Association advise the smoke detectors are replaced every ten years because dust builds up and can affect the delicate sensors

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Key Stats from UK Fire Service

  • UK Fire and rescue service called to 600,000 fires a year
  • 50,000 of these are in a house
  • 500 people die each year and 11,000 are injured in house fires

Source: Fire Service

In Wales during 2018-19 there were 20 fatal casualties with 396 non-fatal casualties. There were still a third of properties without smoke alarms installed in the fires attended by the Fire Service .


To discuss a new or upgraded Smoke Alarm call: 07789 693725 / 07562 728583

Types of Smoke Alarm

There are different types of smoke alarm.

The main types are:

  • Ionisation
  • Optical
  • Combined
  • Heat

Mains Powered Smoke Alarm Installation or Battery Operated?

We look at some of the differences between mains powered versus battery-operated smoke alarms. Battery smoke alarms work independently when installed. These are typically cheaper and can be installed directly by the homeowner on a DIY basis. When the battery is about to die the alarm will normally start to pulse. The alarm sound also dims as the lifespan of the battery ages. Batteries will have to be changed when needed to maintain operation.

Mains smoke alarms are hard-wired into the power can be interconnected which means that all alarms are triggered in the event of a fire. This is especially important in larger properties where time is of the essence. The sound is constant and power constant as they are normally supplied with a backup battery in the unlikely event of a power cut. An electrician is needed for the install of the main option.

In a nutshell, battery-operated are easier to install whereas mains operated are more dependable and better at notifying the whole household. Although mains operated are more expensive to install they are more reliable and connected which can make all the difference to the safety of you and others.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

You should periodically test your smoke alarms to test they are working correctly. The test button should perform an audible alarm. The alarm should be lightly vacuumed to get rid of dust.


Main manufacturers of main powered smoke alarms which we install are:

  • Kidde
  • Aico
  • Fireangel

Smoke alarms/detection systems purposes are to detect fires in their early stages so that there is still enough time for occupants of the property to evacuate safely. 

The earlier that the fire is detected, the less likely there will be of injury or death to the occupants, and even the emergency services. 

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, the amount of damage done to the property can be significantly decreased if a fire is spotted whilst it is still small.

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