Smart Home Automation Cardiff

Welcome to the homes of the future. Smart home automation needn’t be something that you think belongs in science fiction or something that scares you because of its security or complexities.

B&J Electrical can help you plan and install your Cardiff smart home and hopefully help answer some of the questions you may have.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a connected home.

A hub that is normally connected to the internet connects with various devices in the home that can be controlled by smartphones, tablets and computers.

What smart devices can be controlled?

  • Light Bulbs
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Alarms
  • Air conditioning units
  • Ovens and Cookers
  • Fridge Freezers
  • TV and Home Cinema
  • Beds
  • Robot Vacuums
  • Door Bells
  • Door locks
  • Speakers
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Smart Plugs
  • Thermostats
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Garden Watering Equipment
  • Entrance Gates
  • Robotic lawnmowers

This list is an example of the smart items that can be controlled through a hub or directly to the internet. Some of the items can be setup personally but other items like AC Units, Smart Home controls, Light fittings, security cameras, ovens and cookers may need the help of an experienced electrician.


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Planning Your Smart Home

Smart homes used to be exclusive to the rich and famous but since the technology has been developed at such a rapid pace the products available or much more affordable and easier to install.

TV and Home Cinema

Streaming TV through the home is easier than ever with Sky Q and Virgin’s latest equipment and most newer smart TVs are installed with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and YouTube.

Audio and Speakers

Play music in all or zoned parts of the house.

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You can stream music from the provider of your choice, Spotify, Amazon, Apple to name a few and broadcast it throughout the home.


Most light bulbs in the home can be swapped for more energy-efficient LED versions. The LED bulbs can also be smart bulbs with the ability to be controlled by smart hubs, apps on phones and tablets or voice-activated. The bulbs can be dimmed according to the time of day, set into different zones according to mood and some bulbs can be changed colour.

Lighting control systems can set lighting zones and moods within the house.

Security Systems

Security systems can be added to smart network from one camera to a complete system comprising alarms and full camera surveillance.

Doorbells are now offered with integrated cameras

Ring is the Amazon version and Google have the Nest Hello.

Alexa will play noises through one of their apps when you are out replicating dog sounds or other activities.

Children’s Rooms and Nurseries

As well as setting us soothing music or white noise through a speaker system there is also the

Google, Apple or Amazon or another Automation System?

All the leading tech companies have their own hub that connects with smart devices and the internet. Google Nest and Amazon Echo products are probably the most well known and you have probably experienced a friend or relative showing one of these devices off.

They are all constantly adding to their product line and Amazon for instance have Dots– the smallest and most basic, Echos– larger with better speakers and Shows have a screen to see.

Google have the Nest product range. The nest mini is the smallest and most basic, the nest Audio is the larger version with a better speaker and the Nest Hub is the screen version


Thermostats can be synced with the hub and voice-controlled or controlled via an app.


Communication between rooms in the house or family and friends’ homes is possible. Is your child always dragging their heels.

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Electrics for Your Smart Home

Obviously, the layout of your sockets and lighting has an important part to play in smart home automation. If you require sockets and light fittings suitable for smart LED light bulbs, smart oven installation our qualified electricians can undertake these jobs so that you can take advantage of a smart home setup.

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