Garden Lighting Cardiff & Garden Electrics

Our Cardiff based electricians can install garden lighting and external power sockets to properties in the immediate and surrounding areas.

Cardiff Garden Electrics Installations carried out:

  • Hot Tub Jacuzzis
  • Decorative lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Waterproof power sockets
  • Weatherproof switches
  • External buildings
  • Home Offices and Gyms
  • Outside TV and entertainment systems
  • External speakers

Outside electrical items should be manufactured to cater for the UK weather conditions and should be water-resistant.


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Weatherproof Switches & Sockets

These special types of sockets and switches allow power to be used outdoors. They are weatherproof and are impact resistant. Water and electricity are big hazards together so it is important the correct equipment and fittings are used. Our electricians can advise on the equipment required to get power into the garden allowing you to enjoy electric power in the garden.

All electrical work since 2005 is covered under Part P of the building regulations and should be installed by a competent person. B&J electricians are NAPIT certified allowing them to self certify their work to meet the criteria for building regs.

Hot Tub Electric Installation Cardiff

Fixed Hot tubs need a specific electrical supply depending on the size and power of the hot tub to be fitted. Many off-shelf Hot tubs are 13A plug in versions. For this, you will require an outdoor waterproof plug socket with RCD protection. With these sockets, they are cut out to protect from shocks.

For larger hot tubs hard wiring is the solution. Hardwiring provides higher performance for the power needs of the hot tub. These require different types of wiring and are hard-wired on a fused spur back to the consumer unit. It does not share this supply with any other items.

The hot tub will be protected by a Mains Circuit Breaker (MCB). We can fit an IP65 Rotary Isolator Switch which isolates the power supply for service work and maintenance. For more advice please contact us.

For Garden Electric Installation and Advice Call: Tel: 07789 693725

Garden Lighting

Lighting can be added to garden areas to enhance the look and give light to specific sections and create a talking point for your guests. Lights can be incorporated into fencing, decking walls, plant and tree areas. We can fit garden lights into your outdoor space based on your tastes.

Updated technology means that sections can be timed to come on at certain sections of the night or day and some systems can be controlled via smartphone apps.

garden lighting cardiff by B&J Electrical

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