Electric Shower Installation Cardiff

B&J Electricians offer Electric Shower Installation throughout Cardiff and surrounding areas.

It is advised that an electric shower is carried out by professionals as there are dangers of mixing water with electricity. Our electricians can safely install and certify the work to satisfy Part P of building regulations.

What Electric Shower Should I Buy?

We can advise on the best electric shower based on your budget, current bathroom set up, the water pressure and power required. There is a wide range of choices available and models to fit your family’s requirements.

Electric showers warm the water through the shower unit. They are not connected to the boiler heating system or hot water supply. The advantage is that because they are independent they will still work separate from the boiler and will not be affected should another family member turn on a tap or washing machine. Electric showers always provide hot weather and are fitted with thermostatic controls.

Newer electric shower models have integrated digital technology. this enables the user to set accurate temperature and flow settings. These are also more environmentally friendly and will save on running costs.

Electric showers have advanced from plain white box units over the years and modern designs that include glass designs can be purchased.

Be aware that electric power showers are different to electric showers. A hot and cold water feed is required for the power shower option.

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Factors to consider when considering an Electric Shower

  • Height of shower- Can all family members reach
  • Location of shower- New location or upgrade an existing unit
  • Power- If more power is required, a more powerful unit is suggested.
  • Budget- how much you are prepared to spend. models start at £30 and go up to over £500
  • Existing electric wiring- newer models of shower require larger wiring.

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B&J install a variety of electric showers depending on the customer’s requirements but well know brands are Mira, Triton, Aqualisa and Bristan. these manufacturers have been producing electric showers for years and have a good reputation for their products. Most manufacturers warranty their products for two years.

Power output starts at 7.5KW and goes up to 10.5KW or higher. The higher the power the better the power and can be used for longer.

When installing the riser rail unit within the shower area, always have in mind the whole family. Small members of the family such as kids will need to have lower access.

Electric showers are normally installed where extra shower rooms or bathrooms are installed and plumbing can prove to be difficult. If you are planning on fitting a new shower in a new location we will need to have a look at your existing layout to be able to plan the best way forward.

For a free quote on installing an electric shower or repair please contact B&J Electrical.