Consumer Unit Upgrades Cardiff

Consumer units(fuse boards) control the distribution flow of electricity within your Cardiff property. Modern consumer units should also detect potential faults on the circuits and shut it down. The dual RCD(residual current device) protection

Why Upgrade Your Consumer Unit?

The main reasons to upgrade your consumer unit are:

  • To satisfy building regulations and safety requirements
  • To protect you and your family from potential electric hazards
  • To upgrade old and obsolete consumer units
  • Using more power through added devices
  • Older fuse boards are more difficult to repair

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When Should I Upgrade the Consumer Unit?

If your existing fuse board/ consumer unit doe not have RCDs fitted within them, then we would advise ASAP.

Should you have continuous problems with your electrics in your home or business then it may be time for an electrician to give your electrics an inspection. An inspection will advise if your Consumer Unit is suitable for your needs.

The Role of a Consumer Unit

A consumer unit(fuse board) is where the electricity in your property is controlled and distributed. It is important that everyone should know where the consumer unit is located in case of an emergency, and you should need to turn the electricity off. 

A consumer unit is typically made up of three main components, the main switch, a residual current device and a circuit breaker.

  • The Main Switch – this is the component that allows you to turn off the electricity in your property.
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) – these are the switches that will trip the circuit if it happened to get dangerous, which would then turn off the electricity.
  • Circuit Breakers – these act as a protection device in a fuseboard that will turn off a circuit if there happened to be a fault.  If they happen to trip then you can reset the switch.

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