Bathroom Electrical Installations Cardiff

When it comes to bathrooms, the electrics are possibly the most dangerous hazard. Electrical safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when planning electrical installations in this room.

A qualified electrician should be consulted with any electrical work in a bathroom environment and all electrical work should comply with Part P of the building regulations.

B&J Electrical have qualified electricians trained to carry out bathroom electrical installation work in and around the Cardiff area.

Bathroom Electrical Installation Services

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are necessary for a bathroom as it is a means to allow the hot humid air to escape. If humid air builds up it can allow mould and mildew to grow. Even using an anti-mould paint additive if extraction is not adequate harmful mould spores will begin to grow.

B&J electrical can advise and install bathroom extractor fans as part of a refurbishment or new install project.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are a convenient way of adding a shower to the home. They heat instantly and are not affected if other members of the household use a tap or appliance that has water.

We can advise on the best shower as part of a new install or replacement job.

Our qualified electricians undertake electric shower installations thorough out Cardiff and South Wales.

Bathroom Spotlights & Down Lights

Bathroom spotlights and downlights are a preferred modern way of lighting a bathroom. Spotlights enable multiple lights on a light fitting to be angled to shine more light on specific areas. lights are flush lights that are sunk into the ceiling to create light that is fixed in positions.

These can be altered and tilted slightly on most models. Both versions are available in cost-effective LED versions which will save on running costs over time.

Chris or Carl can advise on the best set-up to create the best lighting bathroom lighting setup and mood lighting for your bathroom.

Illuminated Mirrors & Cabinet Lighting

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Illuminated mirrors and cabinet lighting not only help with creating a suitable ambience in the bathroom but they also help brighten the area directly in front of the mirror.

Some cabinets and mirrors can be bought with built-in shaver sockets.

We can install your cabinet lighting and illuminated mirrors.

Shaver Sockets

Electric shavers and beard trimmers are becoming more and more popular. The one problem that can be frustrating is when they run out of charge suddenly. One solution is to have a shaver socket installed in the bathroom to prevent a battery from running out halfway through.

Electric Towel Heater Rails

Electric towel rail heaters can be installed into a bathroom to aid with heating and drying towels at the same time. There are lots of options to choose from and sizes to fit all bathrooms.

We can install the towel heater once purchased.

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